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Zaldivar, Andrew

SURF-IT Fellow, 2008

Andrew Zaldivar, Psychology - Cognitive Sciences

Firefox Environmental Sustainability Toolkit


"My mentor and I developed a prototype of Firefox Environmental Sustainability Toolkit (FEST), a system that connects popular online services to existing databases containing relevant environmental information and subtly displays that information onto these online services. I had limited experience with Web development coming into SURF-IT. I was concerned that in 10 weeks I would not be able to make good progress. However, with the help of my mentor and the rest of the people in the lab, and with hard work and perseverance, I not only acquired various Web development techniques at an accelerated pace, but also managed to get a prototype of FEST up and running. There were times when I would get stuck on a particular problem for days until I would suddenly find the solution and move on to the next problem, only to repeat this vicious cycle. This is part of what makes research an experience like no other."

Collaborated with Bill Tomlinson on Green-IT.