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08.13.18 - CALIT2 Partnerships Aid Firefighting Efforts

CALIT2 UCI has partnered with its sister institute in UC San Diego to bring the High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN) capabilities to Orange County. With the combined efforts of ALERTWildfire.org, OC Fire Authority and Southern California Edison, CALIT2 was able to have HPWREN obtain, install and operate its cameras on the Santiago Peak in an effort to help assess local fire dangers and monitor active fires based on real-time data.
Earlier this year, six cameras and one meteorological sensor system were deployed atop a Southern California Edison telecommunications tower on Santiago Peak – the tallest peak in Orange County.

Four stationary cameras provide 360 degree, 24/7 views of the area along with two pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras mounted on opposite sides of the tower that capture 1080p high-definition resolution images. These PTZ cameras can also provide detailed views of specific incidents at greater distances than the fixed cameras.

Images from the fixed cameras are collected and archived at a rate of one per minute, and every ten seconds for the PTZ cameras. The images can be  stitched together in a  time lapse mode to provide important near realtime views of rapidly changing situations.

This partnership has proven valuable during the Holy Fire, which started Aug. 6 in the Upper Trabuco Canyon/Holy Jim Canyon area of the Cleveland National Forest in Orange County. Various data sets have been provided to agencies related to firefighting and the public, via uploads of live or processed videos to YouTube.

HPWREN began deploying mountain-top cameras in 2002, and makes image data publicly available via its http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/cameras/ web interface.

This 7 frames per second time-lapse animation shows in 480 once-per-minute frames the time period between 09:01:30 and 17:59:30 on August 6, 2018 around Santiago Peak the origin time and location of the Holy Fire in the in the Upper Trabuco Canyon/Holy Jim Canyon area of the Cleveland National Forest in Orange County, and how it evolved during this time period. The view is from a six megapixel automated camera on Santiago Peak, pointing south. The camera is fixed, and cannot be optically panned, tilted, or zoomed. The fire appears to start around the 13:02:30 frame.

HPWREN Live Stream -  Holy Fire third day, seen from Santiago Peak

Holy Fire third day. West view, Santiago Peak

Holy Fire third day East view, Santiago Peak