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Gago, Sergio

Information Technology Specialist

Sergio is the project leader for developments focused on user interfaces and emotional design to improve user-product interaction and experience. He manages projects and mentors students in research areas such as products and system engineering, interfaces and computer sciences.

Sergio earned a master's degree in industrial engineering and a second master's degree in product & system design from Barcelona’s Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya  (UPC)  in 2006. He worked as junior consultant for Indra Systems, where he developed several industrial projects, including contributions to the design of the Mobility Plan of the Barcelona Airport, which involved the construction of a new terminal in Barcelona. In addition, he participated in the Safety and Health Project for Heliport's fair. He also worked for Narada Robotics, Ltd as a project manager, developing new lines of home products in the field of emotional design. Sergio earned his Ph.D., also from UPC, in 2012, in engineering focused on wellness design: engineering for emotion in human-device interaction.