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Sinclair, Jordan

SURF-IT Fellow, 2008

Jordan Sinclair, Informatics

Computational Metaphor Identification in Political Blogs


"I was in charge of designing the visualization and interface for computational metaphor analysis. My mentor had a lot of important and valuable data that was almost incomprehensible in its initial form; I developed an interface to visualize the data in a way that made it understandable and interesting. I gained a lot of experience by applying all sorts of concepts that I have learned from my coursework here. This application has not only boosted my confidence in my own abilities, but has also taught me the importanceof many previously dubious lessons. Interestingly, there was a point where my team was skeptical about whether or not the project would actually be a success. Then, after putting some real data into the visualization, we saw the information in a different way that engendered a new meaning for it. This was very exciting and it emphasized the importance of the project."

Collaborated with Bill Tomlinson on Computational Metaphor Identification in Political Blogs: Tools for Blog Readers.