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Lewis, Lauren

SURF-IT Fellow, 2008

Lauren Lewis, Computer Science

FanFiction University


"I was certainly not expecting to spend so much time in the lab! It was good for me to experience though, as it has prepared me for future employment, and has given me a good taste of what can be accomplished in such large blocks of time.

I was the main coder and designer for FanfictionUniversity.com. I learned Ruby on Rails, CSS and other coding languages in order to accomplish this effectively. I also provided site content, such as columns on writing style and “FAQ” documents. The summer culminated with writing a paper for possible publication on the legality of fanfiction and the information contained within. I feel that SURF-IT gave the project a great home among other similarly interdisciplinary projects, and allowed for more points of reference for my work on the site."

Collaborated with Rebecca Black on FanFiction University.