In the Building: Auditorium

Spacious and State-of-the-Art

Located on the first floor immediately off the front entrance atrium, the state-of-the-art Calti2 auditorium contains theatre seating for 115. Additonal overflow seating can accomodate an audience of 145 comfortably. Numbered seats feature armrests and tablet pads, as well as power and data connections. The space also offers wireless Internet connectivity. You must have your laptop's MAC address registered with UCI Network and Academic Computing Services. 

The auditorium has an audio/visual control room in the back if users would like to have a technician on hand for their events. The podium in the front of the auditorium also has a built-in control panel and a pc laptop so speakers can run their own presentations. Users are strongly encouraged to put their presentations on a flashdrive and load it directly onto the laptop. 

The auditorium is equipped with a 5,000 lumen 4K Sony projector and surround-sound system. There are numerous wireless microphone options including handhelds, lavalieres and tabletops. In addition, a built-in webcam is available.

Many groups also use the adjacent atrium for pre- and post-event activities including food service, poster sessions and display tables.

There is a facilities usage fee for audio/visual training, maintaining equipment and cleaning the facility. 

Calit2 Auditorium and Atrium Usage Rates

Calit2 Auditorium and Atrium Usage Agreement


1) Review Auditorium Reservation calendar to ensure your desired time is available
2) Email your request to - include room number, date, starting and ending time, and reason for request
3) You will receive notification within 24 hours