Events: Igniting Technology

2009 Series

05.14.09 Clean Energy Challenge: Illuminating environmentally progressive technologies
Fossil fuels provide most of our energy, at the expense of the environment and self-reliance. By producing clean and renewable alternatives through advanced technologies, America can acheive energy independence and reap long-term environmental benefits. Rapid growth is expected in sectors such as solar, wind, fuel cells and biomass, as transformational scientific breakthroughs unfold. Learn more

11.19.09 Network Generation: Transforming the global infrastructure to address evolving demands
Facebook, Twitter, email, test messages, instant online information, multimedia downloads... more and more the world's population is connected 24/7. The Internet was released to the public in the 1980s, enabling commercial advances in hardware and software that led to an explosion of users that continues to mushroom. As new devices and applications proliferate, the networks connecting them must further develop in order to provide reliability, security, privacy and mobility to an increasingly connected population. Learn more