Events: Igniting Technology

2008 Series

05.15.08 Bionic Human: Fine-tuning the body with cyber-devices
Progress in information technology is fueling enormous strides in biomedical research. UC Irvine scientists are at teh forefront, developing systems and devices that will provide mankind with a healthier, smarter, nimbler and safer future. Participants in this event learned about next-generation sensors impacting prosthetic capabilities; experienced "XSense"; glimpsed the future of implantable devices; and viewed IT-powered tools of tomorrow that transform human potential. Learn more

11.18.08 H2Ology: Tapping into technology to solve water demands
Everyone needs clean water and it's often taken for granted. The average American household uses 100 to 176 gallons of water each day. while the average family in developing countries uses five gallons a day. We generally don't consider where it comes from, how it gets to us or what it costs. California's governor declared a statewide drought recently and there is discussion of mandated rationing if conditions don't improve. Calit2 researchers are working to avert the looming crisis. Learn more