Newsroom: Highlights

  • 02.08.17 - AntMonitor Advances Mobile Data Transparency

    Mobile app designed to perform real-time detection and prevention of private information leaks.

  • 02.08.17 - Navigating the Medical Technology Startup Space

    Annual symposium features company business plan showcase

  • 02.06.17 - UCI Named as Partner in Clean Manufacturing Institute

    $140 million consortium aims to improve competitiveness of US industry

  • 12.14.16 - IoT Speaker shares insight on remote assistive technology

    IoT speaker, Austin Marron, shares insight on technology that allows agents to see what the blind person sees in real time.

  • 11.30.16 - Simple Device Developed to Train Surgeons

    Calit2 in collaboration with UCI department of Urology has developed a training tool to improve surgical technique.

  • 11.21.16 - Calplug Semiannual workshop #10 held at Calit2

    Energy experts meet at CalPlug semiannual workshop to coordinate research efforts and maximize communication about energy efficiency

  • 11.21.16 - Protein Discovery: First Of Its Family To Ever To Be Sequenced

    Calit2 researchers advance biotechnology with fast computers and carnivorous plants

  • 11.21.16 - Pedal Power uses bicycle to recycle waste

    Students develop bicycle-powered, closed-loop 3-D printer station to recycles its own waste.

  • 11.16.16 - Technologies for Healthy Aging

    Igniting Technology program highlights technologies for healthy aging

  • 11.15.16 - Meet Jian-Guo Zheng, the "Face of Calit2"

    Jian-Guo Zheng,an expert in electron microscopy and director of facilities for UC Irvine’s IMRI (Irvine Materials Research Institute) is featured as the “Face of Calit2.”

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