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11.16.16 - Technologies for Healthy Aging


According to a report by the Orange County Healthy Aging Initiative, the OC is home to more than 3.1 million people and is the sixth most populous county in the nation. Today, 13.5% of the county’s population is 65 year old and older. This number is projected to nearly double by 2040, when almost one in four residents will be 65 or older.

Last Thursday at Calit2's Igniting Technology program, titled "Technologies for Healthy Aging," a range of nonprofits, healthcare and technology professionals discussed issues and breakthroughs for an aging population.

Igniting Technology is a semi-annual panel presentation, sponsored by intellectual property law firm Knobbe Martens in partnership with the UCI division of Calit2. Each event examines a critical issue that can be improved through technologies in development at UC Irvine.

Calit2 is working to develop several powerful personal tools designed to assist in healthy aging activities. “Everyone participates in this aging process, so by working together we may find collectively, a good solution for all of us.” Calit2 Director, G.P. Li said.

Program speakers and presentations can be found below. Scroll to bottom to view a video of the event.

Dr Margarita Pereyda, principal, Health Management Associates.
Download presentation


Linda Zimmer, director, Iris Digital Communities
Download presentation


Dr Randy Wei, chief resident physician, UCI Medical Center
Download presentation


Mark Bachman, Calit2 evangelist and eHealth Collaborator
Download presentation


Nizan Friedman, Co-founder and CEO, Flint Rehabilitation
Download presentation


Jay Kunin, strategic consulting, Health Technologies and angel investor
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Panel moderator Ronald J. Schoenbaum, Knobbe Martens