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01.15.19 - Visitors from NARLabs tour CALIT2

Yeong-Her Wang, GP Li, J.H. Tsai and C.M. Huang at CALIT2

IMRI Director of Facilities, Jian-Guo Zheng discusses IMRI
high-tech instrumentation


Guests from Taiwan’s National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) met with CALIT2 Director G.P. Li Friday and toured the research institute’s state-of-the-art labs.

High-tech instrumentation
Yeong-Her Wang, president of Taiwan’s National Applied Research Laboratories, along with J.H. Tsai, vice director of the National Center for High-performance Computing and C.M. Huang of the National Chip Implementation Center, began their tour by visiting labs on the first floor: LEXI (Laboratory for Electron and X-ray Instrumentation) is equipped with extreme high-resolution scanning electron microscopes and high-tech instrumentation, and FABWorks, one of the nation’s first “Make Labs” on a university campus. FABWorks is outfitted with prosumer grade (above consumer grade) equipment, 3D printers and scanners, and networked computer-controlled milling machines. The lab offers expanded opportunities for students and community members interested in hands-on, advanced-manufacturing experience.

Joy Pixley explains CalPlug’s current effort to improve energy
fficiency in the use of consumer electronic devices

Working prototype solutions
The tour continued with a stop at the eHealth Collaboratory. Li described the lab as a truly collaborative space where technologists team with health care providers, patients and their families to share ideas, learn from each other and develop working prototype solutions. The visitors got a first-hand look at how CALIT2’s interdisciplinary process is applied to research and product development with the demonstration of a recent project, PICARD (Patient Initiated Controlled Analgesic Remote Dispenser). The medical device, designed to reduce prescription opioid abuse by ensuring the drugs are correctly dispensed to patients, is the result of an innovative collaboration among computer and mechanical engineers, social scientists, designers and medical professionals.

Improving energy efficiency
The group tour concluded at CALPlug with a brief presentation by project manager/social scientist Joy Pixley on the lab’s current effort to improve energy efficiency in the use of consumer electronic devices. CalPlug focuses on energy-efficiency solutions, efficiency evaluations of consumer electronics, standards development, education and public outreach, and user behavior studies.

-- Sharon Henry