Newsroom: Highlights

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10.23.19 - Students tour eHealth

Graduate students from UC Irvine’s Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems (ECPS) master’s degree program toured eHealth at CALIT2 Tuesday, Oct. 22. The students, along with guest lecturer Dan Cregg, viewed and interacted with several innovative, internet-connected health devices and systems developed at the eHealth Collaboratory.

Cregg, a member of UCI engineering school's Engineering Leadership Council and CalPlug’s CTO advisory council, is chief technology officer at Insteon. He has been involved with the graduate-level ECPS program for more than two years, and praises its concentrated focus on enabled systems, cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things. “The program attracts students from all over the world,” Cregg said.

(Left) Students interact with MusicGlove, a music-based hand rehabilitation device. The glove, which
is outfitted with sensors that generate musical notes, encourages users to exercise their hand by tapping out
popular tunes with their fingertips.(Right) A stair stepping-powered computer game that requires
uses to exercise to keep their player moving.

The interdisciplinary graduate degree program in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems is managed by UCI’s Center for Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems. It was created following a survey conducted among applicants and current master’s students in both electrical engineering and computer science disciplines, as well as a market study performed by University Extension to estimate the CPS-related job market in the United States.

- Sharon Henry