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04.11.18 - CalPlug Workshop #12 hosted at CALIT2

Scott Samuelsen, UCI professor and  Director of Advanced Power &
Energy Program, speaks to participants at CalPlug's 12th workshop

On April 10, the California Plug Load Research Center (Calplug) hosted its 12th workshop at CALIT2.

This semiannual workshop coordinates research efforts and maximizes communication about energy efficiency among academic, government and industry stakeholders. Invited speakers shared presentations which highlighted new technologies, market trends, standards and services as well as technical innovations, barriers to implementation and alternative business models.

The day-long event featured updates on CalPlug projects and next steps planned for the center. Presenters discussed how CalPlug plans to take energy efficiency and sustainability to the next level, and explored CalPlug’s roadmap as well as what UCI is doing to remain one of the coolest campuses in the nation.

Shoshana Pena, Customer Programs Advisor II, San Diego Gas & Electric and Robert Chapman, VPGlobal Sales & Services, Electric Power Research Institute, speak at the afternoon session of CalPlug Workshop #12 at CALIT2 on April 10.

Following the workshop, participants viewed student projects at CalPlug

Speakers and presentation (PDF downloads)

 G.P. Li, Director, Calit2 Irvine/California Plug Load Research Center (CalPlug)

Scott Samuelsen
, Professor, UC IrvineDirector, Advanced Power & Energy Prog ram, “Evolution Of The Electric Grid”

Bradley Meister, California Energy Commission


  • Robert Chapman, Vice President Global Sales & Services, Electric Power Research Institute, “Advancing Efficient Electrification”
  • Pierre Delforge, Director, High Tech Sector Energy Efficiency, Energy & Transportation Program, National Resource Defense Council, “Efficient & Flexible Building Electrification: Opportunities & Policy”
  • Vishal Patel, Principal Manager Technology Strategy, Southern California Edison, “Clean Power & Electrification Pathway”
  • Jack Brouwer, Professor UC Irvine, Associate Director, Advanced Power & Energy Program, “California End-Use Electrification Impacts”
  • Pierre Delforge, National Resource Defense Council and Vojin Zivojnovic, Aggios, “Computer Real World Testing Methodology
  • Shoshana Pena, Customer Programs Advisor II, San Diego Gas & Electric, “Instant Rebate Program"


Morning session
Afternoon Session 1
Afternoon Session 2

- Sharon Henry