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  • Garnet Hertz
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OutRun Project*

Space, and a lot of it, drew a project from UCI’s Center for Computer Games & Virtual Worlds into the second-floor, 4,000-square-foot Wireless Sensor Lab. The OutRun project is a mixed-reality game platform that blends the physical world with a virtual environment by combining a classic arcade driving game with a real-world vehicle. Postdoctoral researcher Garnet Hertz is developing the cabinet-car with support from Walt Scacchi, director of research for the game center.

“It’s an example of a concept car of the future that draws on technologies from a diverse collection of organizations and designers,” Scacchi explained.

As the user drives the OutRun vehicle, the screen in front of him displays a version of the actual physical environment around him but rendered in the style of an early-80s, 8-bit video game. The car, which is expected to be completed by early next fall, allows the user to “play” an augmented reality game while traveling in the real world.

Added Hertz, “The OutRun project is envisioned as one of several large format mixed-reality systems we develop in our new Calit2 lab space.”