CALIT2 Building third floor cubicle space


  • I have been working in collaboration with the CALIT2 team for several years. We have co-developed a hearing aid that can directly drive the tympanic membrane. It underwent human testing over the past two years. It is currently being further developed to potentially reach market.

    HAMID DJALILIAN, Otolaryngology

  • CALIT2 provides us with unique infrastructure and tools including FABWorks, and a lab space for large-scale installations. We also utilize CALIT2 to facilitate collaboration between our staff and interdisciplinary mix of faculty and students from ICS, Social Sciences, Social Ecology, and Education.

    MIZUKO ITO, Information and Computer Sciences

  • My group has used the TEM instruments in IMRI and has received help from the FABworks staff. We have also enjoyed seminars in the CALIT2 auditorium and receptions in the atrium.

    JAMES NOWICK, Chemistry

  • I have a current instrumentation project that will benefit greatly from students with diverse technical skills, and the CALIT2-UROP program has proven to be a great way to identify talented students who have continued to work in my laboratory.

    BERNARD CHOI, Beckman Laser Institute

  • Our lab has benefited from CALIT2 through use of the Fabworks facility in Calit2 for 3D printing and laser cutting. This has enabled us to rapidly produce and test new experimental devices that are critical for our research.

    ALBERT SIRYAPORN, Physics and Astronomy

  • The CALIT2 Auditorium has been location host for gatherings I lead over the years. Most notably, the Program in Public Health Seminars.Noteworthy, is the support Calit2 staff provided on event days, including assistance with audio/visual, portable mics, and auditorium facilities. They were Great!

    TERRY SCHMIDT, Program in Public Health

  • Having been involved with the institute for over 15 years now, I think it is no exaggeration to say that CALIT2 is one of the most entrepreneurial organizations on campus, and without question the one that is most aggressively supportive of interdisciplinary research.

    CARTER BUTTS, Sociology / Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Both my group at Beckman Laser Institute, and our spin-off company from this work have benefited greatly from the engineering capabilities and  prototyping labs at CALIT2.

    PETRA SMITH, Surgery - Beckman Laser Institute