Bion Price list UCI User (Internal users)

User One-Time Fee$500
Clean Room Usage (Hourly Fee)$38 (Monthly cap: $1,520)
Staff Time$125
Key Fee (One-time)$15


Hazardous Waste Disposal (cost varies)

Depositions Tools

CHA Mark 50 Evaporation (superuser tool)1.5$25 hr
E-Beam 1 Evaporation (Temescal CV-8)3$15 hr
E-Beam 2 Evaporation (Temescal CV-14) (superuser tool)3$15 hr
CHA Thermal Evaporation (SEC-600-RAP)3$20 hr
PE 4400 Sputtering (superuser tool)3$15 hr
PE 2400-A Sputtering (superuser tool)3$15 hr
PE 2400-B Sputtering (superuser tool)3$15 hr
Electric Platingno charge
ALD Atomic Layer Deposition CambridgeNo Minimum$15 hr
Applied MST MVD 100.5$20 hr

Lithography Tools

Canon i4 4000 Stepper (superuser tool).25$150 hr
E-Beam Lithography (superuser tool).25$125 hr
Karl Suss MA6 Mask Aligner.50$30 hr
Karl Suss MA56 Mask Aligner.50$30 hr
Karl Suss MJB-3 Mask Aligner.50$20 hr
Kasper Mask Aligner model 3001.50$20 hr
Quintel Mask Aligner.50$20 hr
UV Flood Exposure System.25 $15 hr
Solitec Spinner Model 5110-CTNo Minimum$10 hr
Solitec Spinner Model 5110-NDNo Minimum$10 hr
Solitec Spinner Model 5110-C-TDNo Minimum$10 hr
Laurell Spinner #1No Minimum$10 hr
Laurell Spinner #2No Minimum$10 hr
Laurell Spinner #3No Minimum$10 hr
Headway Spinner #1No Minimum$10 hr
Headway Spinner #2No Minimum$10 hr

Dry Etching

STS System DRIE.5$40 hr
SPTS DRIE.5$40 hr
Plasma-Therm RIE Model 780.5$35 hr
Trion ICP/RIE.5$25 hr
Ion Milling3$15 hr
XeF2 Pulsing Etcher.5$25 hr
Plasma Technology Model 800MP RIE.5$35 hr
Plasma Technology Model DP800 UP.5$30 hr
Laser Ablation Tool Resonetics RAPIDX250.5$45 hr


Gasonics Downstream Plasma Ashing.25$20 hr
Technics II 500.25$15 hr
Plasma line asher.25$15 hr
Anatech LTD Plasma SP100.25$15 hr

Hot Embossing

Nano Imprinter Jenoptik HEX03.50$40 hr

CVD System

Plasma Therm PECVD1$20 hr
BMR Low Temp PECVD (superuser tool).5$20 hr
Anicon LTO CVD (superuser tool)3$20 hr
ASM LPCVD low-stress nitride, poly (superuser tool)1no charge
First Nano FurnaceNo Minimum$40 hr

Diffusion Furnaces

6-inch Dry and Wet Oxidation Tube (superuser tool)1$10 hr
4-inch Dry Oxidation Tube1$10 hr
4-inch Long Anneal Tube1$10 hr
4-inch Sintering Tube1$10 hr
4-inch Boron Tube (superuser tool)1$15 hr
2-inch Nano Furnace Tube (superuser tool)1$10 hr
6-inch Mini-brute Thermal Bonding Tube1$10 hr
4-inch Mini-brute Tube1$10 hr
Heatpulse 610 RTA1$20 hr
Anodic Bonding Furnace up to 4 inch (superuser tool)1$5 hr


SEM Hitacht 4700/EDAX.5$40 hr
HS200 Confocal Microscope/Profiler (superuser tool).25$20 hr
Dektak3 ProfilometerNo Minimum$15 hr
DektakXTNo Minimum$15 hr
Tencor FLX-2320A Stress Measurement ToolNo Minimumno charge
Nanospec AFT/Nanometrics 200No Minimumno charge
Gaertner Ellipsometer (superuser tool)No Minimumno charge
Tousimis 815C CPD (superuser tool)1$25 hr
Nano CT1$45 hr
AFM1$15 hr

Back End Processing Tools

Dicing Saw (superuser tool)1$20 hr
K&S Wedge Bonder.5$20 hr
K&S Gold Ball Bonder.5$20 hr
Hybrid Ball Bonder.5$20 hr
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Environmental Chamber1$10 hr
Tenney Environmental Chamber1$10 hr
Inert Environment Blue M Oven 600 Degrees1$5 hr
HDMS Oven1$5 hr