CALIT2 Phase 4 Research Restart

UCI’s Phase 4 permits all research activities and all types of invited visitors and guests to participate in or conduct Research Activities. Phase 4 modifies safety and mitigation requirements by eliminating the physical distancing requirement and modifying face covering requirements for vaccinated persons. All Approved PIs must follow or implement more restrictive safety protocols and protective measures than those required by UCI Executive Directives, public health directives and the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards (CETS).

Summary of Phase 4 Rules

Phase 4 follows safety protocols and protective measures under the UCI Executive Directives, which includes the following:

  • Face Coverings and Social Distancing: To summarize for research settings:
    • All individuals who are Fully Vaccinatedare not required to wear face coverings indoors or outdoors or maintain 6 ft distancing unless more restrictive rules are put in place by the approved PI/Center/Facility. No individual can be prevented from wearing a face covering (unless approved lab safety issue).
    • All individuals who are not Fully Vaccinatedmust wear a face covering when indoors except when solo in a private office with the door closed. 6 ft distancing does not have to be maintained unless more restrictive rules are put in place by the approved PI/Center/Facility.
    • All individuals who are not Fully Vaccinatedmust wear a face covering outdoors if 6 ft distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Gatherings: All Gatherings are allowed on UCI property and individuals are responsible for adhering to policy related to face coverings/social distancing, COVID training, and daily health check-in.
  • Invited Visitors and Guests: There is no need for approved PIs to get approval for invited research visitors and guests, but must maintain a record (name and contact information) for contact tracing purposes.
  • Training for employees:All on-site employees are required to view a training video entitled “Returning to Campus,” which explains what COVID-19 is, how it is transmitted, the steps we’re taking to reduce potential exposures, and what you can do to protect yourself and others. The video is available through the UC Learning Center and can be searched by title using the Find a Course PIs must ensure that each person in their lab completes the training prior to them coming to campus. Contact Christian Ritter ( if you need to look anyone up in the UCLC transcripts or have questions about EH&S training in general.
  • Working Well Daily Health Check-in:Campus HR continues to run a Working Well Daily Heath Check-in process that will allow all UCI workforce to conduct daily check-ins prior to coming on Campus. If you have not received this already, more information found here:

CALIT2 Phase 4 Approval Process for PIs and Center Directors – June 22, 2021

Faculty PIs who plan to have personnel, including themselves, come to campus to do research in a laboratory or office setting or do allowable off-campus research must have Phase 2, 3 or 4 approval from CALIT2. This approval is an agreement between the PI (“Plan Owner”) and CALIT2, and it is the responsibility of the PI to ensure the safety and following of protocols by all personnel doing research under their supervision. For Phase 4 approval, please fill out the Phase 4 Authorization Form and submit to Ryan Smith,, for approval routing.