Application for Office/Workspace

For questions about space in the CALIT2 building, contact Ryan Smith, 949-824-4488

For questions about grant and contract support for such space, contact  Patricia Lim, 949-824-3047

Final decisions regarding allocations will be made by G.P. Li, director of the Irvine division of CALIT2.

Title and description may refer to a specific grant/contract or to a broader intellectual focus that is supported by various funding sources.
Up to two years
Please provide specifics for each grant or contract supporting the project: the granting agency, the sponsor ID # for the award, account/fund number, total award amount, award start and end dates. If a grant or contract also covers work done in other buildings, please explain.
Also describe how your project has benefited from having space in the CALIT2 building.
Are there any existing projects with space in CALIT2 with whom you have collaborated? Please explain the nature and extent of the collaboration.
Names of students, postdocs, faculty and visitors who will be occupying the lab space within your assigned areas.
Any other information you feel would be helpful in helping us make a decision regarding your space renewal.