Facilities Procedure

For CALIT2 facilities updates visit: CALIT2Facilities
Facilities Manager: Ryan C. Smith
Office: (949) 824-4488
Cell (714) 392-1553

The CALIT2 Irvine Division is part of a multi-campus, multi-disciplinary research unit which consists of a 70,000 ASF (Assignable Square Feet) building comprised of office space, multi-use research common areas, and laboratories, (including 3,700 ASF of cleanroom & wet lab space) As a key role in this environment, CALIT2 Facilities Management strives to provide and maintain a superior physical environment in which to further the pursuit of academic excellence for CALIT2 in research and development, ensuring the timely and effective delivery of services to all building occupants.

Our staff is responsible for all CALIT2 day-to-day building maintenance operations, construction, renovations, and relocations, Including the Implementation and maintenance of systems related to general facilities support/resources,building access/security, phone & data line access, space allocation, office set-up, and equipment inventory for all CALIT2 occupied spaces
CALIT2 Facilities Vital Functions.

Building hours
Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturdays:Closed to public (Authorized access only)
Sundays: Closed to public (Authorized access only)
Holidays: Closed to public (Authorized access only)

Building Maintenance & Operations Custodial Services
Construction, Renovation and Relocation Access Control & Security
Telecommunications Support Emergency Procedures Ergonomics
Safety & Compliance

Scope of Duties
Coordinates with campus facilities managers and trade professionals to ensure effective delivery of all mechanical, maintenance and custodial services. Forecasts short and long-range space requirements
Coordinates and manages all new construction, relocation, and renovation projects
Evaluates and manages all general building maintenance needs and implements necessary building improvements
Determines the relative importance of projects and establishes unit priorities to complete the most critical work within a given budget Identifies strategic priorities for CALIT2 Facilities as part of a unit-wide strategic planning process
Continually develops and maintains the CALIT2 Emergency Procedures program
Coordinates office and laboratory ergonomics, safety and compliance with the campus Environmental Health & Safety office.

Facilities Services
Custodial services as well as routine maintenance of buildings, utilities and grounds are performed on a scheduled basis by Campus Facilities Management Any deficiencies affecting service, safety or appearance of physical facilities should be reported directly to the CALIT2 Facilities Manager immediately so a deficiency report can be filed with the campus

Normal building services schedules are as follows Lobbies cleaned Daily
Conference Rooms cleaned 3-times-per-week- M,W,F nights (Trash, vacuuming and tables wiped-down) Restrooms cleaned 5-times-per-week- M-F nights (Trash and counters/floors/stalls wiped-down)

Kitchens cleaned 3-times-per-week- M,W,F nights
Offices cleaned once-per-week, Wednesday nights
Note on service exceptions. Requests for adjustments to regularly scheduled custodial services to accommodate unusual work schedules or areas requiring special security access should be directed to the CALIT2 Facilities Manager for review and submittal to Campus Facilities. Service exceptions are provided for at the discretion of Campus Facilities.

After-Hours Service Emergencies
For service emergencies that cannot wait until the following business day, contact the Campus Facilities Trouble/Service Desk 824-5444.(After­ Hours defined as before 7 00AM or after 4 30PM)
After-hours emergency facilities service calls are those described as mechanical, plumbing, electrical or elevator systems which require immediate attention to avoid risk to health and safety, or damage to property.
Facilities Services – Recharged
Specific Job Orders – Equipment Installation & Building Alterations
CALIT2 Facilities Management is responsible for establishing and submitting all order requests to perform specific jobs for installation of equipment and/ or minor alterations which do not change the use of the space or affect the structural stability or program
All pertinent information should be submitted in writing directly to the CALIT2 Facilities Manager outlining all specifics with as much detail as possible to include possible building alterations and improvements, fabrication of special equipment, connection of equipment to utilities, etc. All available information should be furnished including drawings, specifications, catalog numbers identifying equipment, etc.
All requests for building construction/renovation are reviewed by the CALIT2 Directors office, and charged accordingly
Maintenance and Service to Departmental Equipment
Departmental equipment by university policy is defined as, special equipment funded by the research granUcontract to meet unique needs; e.g., controlled temperature rooms, centrifuges, refrigerated cooling systems, refrigerators, dish/cage washers, laboratory equipment, office and laboratory furniture not provided for by CALIT2. All requests for maintenance or service to CALIT2 departmental equipment must be submitted in writing to the CALIT2 Facilities Manager for review.

Facilities Services – Recharged
To Install or Move Departmental Equipment:
All requests must be submitted in writing directly to the CALIT2 Facilities Manager if equipment must be attached to the structure or permanently connected to a water supply, drain. or electric power source, or if it is heavy or bulky. Campus policy specifically states that attachment of equipment to structures and connection to utilities. except by standard electric plugs or hose connections. may be made only by Facilities Management personnel or a contractor employed by the University (Reference University policy section 901-13) Departmental employees are not authorized to do this work.
Actual costs to design, prepare plans and specification,saward a contrac,t and inspect the contractor’s work.includingDesign and Construction Services support costs, are subject to review by the CALIT2 Directors office, and charged accordingly The costs of design, preparation of plans/ specifications and contract administration vary with the complexity of the problem
All unit requisitions for equipment must be reviewed by CALIT2 and Campus Facilities Management to assure that required utilities can be made available, or that the equipment can be moved into the assigned space Any costs associated with extension of utilities, structural modifications, equipment which requires an assessment of floor load capacity, or other structural considerations, will be accomplished by Campus Facilities Management using outside consultants. All costs associated with structural analysis and modifications or extension of utilities necessary to install the equipment are subject to review by the CALIT2 Directors office and charged accordingly.

Building Access Policies
Keycard Issuance
Building access via keys and/or card keys is managed by CALIT2 Facilities Management. Written approval for any key/card key distribution must be obtained in advance from the UCI division Directors office. At the time any key/card key is issued, the user is required to show proper university identification and fill out and sign a CALIT2 check-out form. A $15.00 deposit is required for all card keys and a $10.00 deposit for all hard keys. (Non-universitypersonnel may obtain keys/card keys only through and at the discretion of the CALIT2 Director)

Key Return
All keys/card keys are to be returned directly to CALIT2 Facilities Management upon termination of building occupancy of any user. All keys/card keys will be accounted for and an exiting signature obtained. The $15.00 card key and/or $10.00 hard key deposit is refunded at this time. Keys/card keys should not be exchanged directly between exiting building occupants and new in-coming building occupant.s

Charges for Lost Keys
Any charges levied for the loss of any key/card key are at the discretion of the CALIT2 Directors office. Key Security
Change requests to locks and/or lock systems must be submitted in writing directly to the CALIT2 Facilities Manager for review. Building Masters will not be distributed to students or unauthorized personnel at any time.
A key inventory is maintained by the CALIT2 Facilities Manager with a duplicate inventory maintained by the Campus Lock Shop The key inventory is reviewed quarterly to insure security
All university keys have corresponding distribution codes and serial numbers engraved on them for identification.These codes should never be covered or altered. Keys should not be tagged directly or marked by users.
If any key/card key is lost or stolen. the CALIT2 Facilities Manager should be informed immediately in writing
At no time should keys/card keys be exchanged directly between current building occupants, in-coming building occupants, or persons not affiliated with CALIT2.